Sewing Machine for Denim and Jeans

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We will be detailing the sewing machine required to sew jeans for alterations and also for factory productions. There are many different types of sewing machines needed especially for factory production.


You will require a lockstich sewing machine to do alteration for jeans. This is normally to shorten the jeans. If you are taking orders in large quantity, you will require an industrial sewing machine to do this. Otherwise, if you are using at home, a portable home use sewing machine is enough to do the work.
An example of industrial sewing machine, JUKI DDL8000A computerized sewing machine which has the ability to autocut and autolockstitch. Other normal industrial machine can also be used.

This is an example of a portable sewing machine, Brother FS60X. It is designed to be able to sew 6-7 layers of fabrics and comes with 60 sewing stitch designs.
You may also need a 2 needle chainstitch sewing machine if you want to alter the sides of the jeans. Normally customers who purchased expensive jeans will want their jeans to look exactly like the original one thus you will need this machine.
Single Needle Chainstich Sewing
Double Needle Chainstitch
Example of a chainstich sewing machine OKURMA MH3800 2 Needle. 
If you want to resize the jeans, you may need a 2 needle 5 threads overlock safety sewing machine. Example of the stitch is as below:

Overlock Safety Stitch 2 Needle 5 Threads

JUKI MO6816S 2 Needle 5 Threads overlock machine. This sewing machine is not suitable to be used for normal overlocking
For Production of jeand and denims, you will need a lot more sewing machines as below:
1) Industrial Lockstich Sewing Machine
For bigscale production, you will need industri sewing machine for faster output. Portable sewing machine unsuitable.
GEMSY 8900 Lockstitch industri machine is one of the cheapest in the market but it is suitable for sewing production 
2) 2 Needle 5 Threads Overlocker
This is normally used for the side of the jeans. This overlock gives a lot stronger stitch strength compared to other overlock types
2 Needle 5 Threads safety overlock stitch

JUKI MO6816S 2 Needle 5 Threads Overlock

3) Bartack Sewing Machine
This stitch is used to reinfornce and strengthen certain areas on the jeans such as on the belts and pockets. It is a highly densed zig zag stitch
Bartack Stitch
JUKI LK19000 ASS computerized bartack sewing machine
4) Belt Loop Making Industrial Sewing Machine
This sewing machine is used to sew belt loops for the jeans

SIRUBA F007K-U613 Belt Loop Sewing Machine

5) Eyelet Sewing Machine
The eyelet sewing machine is used to make buttonholes on jeans denim. It is similar to the buttonhole machine but with a rounded edge. This is designed for more robust use on denims and jeans
Example of eyelet stitch
Exaple of an eyelet sewing machine.

6) Feed of The Arm Chainstitch Sewing Machine
Feed of the arm sewing machine is also a chainstitch sewing machine and is used to sew the side seams on the jeans.
Example of the chainstitch 
Feed of the arm sewing machine


7) Other Equipments 
You may also need other equipment as below for your factory
  1. Button attaching tools for the jeans
  2. Rivet attaching tools
  3. Electric cutter
  4. Cutting table
  5. Embroidery machine for design embroidery
For alteration work, you do not need too many sewing machines but if you are starting a factory to sew jeans and denims, you need a lot more sewing machine and equipment.
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