Sewing Machine for Beginner

One of the most frequest questions we get is: What is the suitable sewing machine for beginner who is new to sewing? In our opinion, for beginners who are just learning the sewing trade, we opined that portable sewing machine is the answer. We do not believe industrial sewing machine is suitable for beginners unless if the person is looking to start a serious sewing business. The reasons why we way this are

  1. In general, portable sewing machine is cheaper compared to the industrial sewing machine. If the sewing business does not take off, the burn money is not much!
  2. Also if you are new to sewing and just starting up, the business take up might be slow. If you buy branded sewing machine like Brother sewing machine, most likely it's enough to satisfy the early demands for the tailoring services. Portable Brother sewing macine can handle up to probably 3 sets of Baju Kurung per day easily
  3. If you are looking to do just some minor repair work on you child's clothing, we definitely reccomend the portable sewing machine. Why do you need to spend much money for this simple errand?
  4. The speed of portable sewing machine is also much slower than the industrial sewing machine. As a beginner, you can learn how to control the fabrics much better with slower speed


In general we reccomend you to buy branded portable sewing machine as they are generally much more reliable. We have found that Brother sewing machine portable is very reliable. Spare parts for Brother sewing machine is also easily available. We definitely do not reccomend you to buy cheap portable sewing machine with price less than RM500. In general if the sewing machine is too cheap, the machine quality is not good and the spare part is not available. This is based on our years of experience repairing sewing machines.


Amongst the other questions we keep getting in relation to portable sewing machines are:


  1. Can portable sewing machine be used to sew denim jeans and curtains. Answer: yes they can. depending on the models, up 2 layers of denim is not a problem. Just make sure you use thicker needle size of 16 or 18
  2. Is portable sewing machine last long? Answer: We have customers that has used Brother sewing machine for 20 years. Thats a very long time to use. We are not saying all portable sewing machine will last this long, but in general the good branded one will last you easily 5-10 years with good care. But if you buy cheaper ones less than RM500, it will probably not last this long
  3. Is there any HEAVY DUTY portable sewing machine? Answer: From our perspective, heavy duty refers to the ability of the sewing machine to be used for a prolonged period of time continuously without breaking down. Only industrial sewing machine fits this label. There is NO portable sewing machine that is able to do this even if the portable sewing machine is branded as HEAVY DUTY. Why? This is simply because the portable sewing machine motor is a lot smaller and much much easier to get hot from proloned usage. A good branded portable sewing machine should be used for 3-4 hours continuously and put to rest for 15-20 minutes before continuing to sew to avoid damage to the motor. For comparison, we compare the speed of the machines to show the difference in motor power
    • Normal portable sewing machine speed : 700-900 spm
    • Heavy duty portable sewing machine speed : 1000-1200 spm
    • Industrial sewing machine speed : 3000- 5000 spm


These are some of the Brother electric sewing machine models that we reccomend. Offer price is valid per the dates on the brochure. For more update price please visit the following LINK




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