Mesin Jahit Coverstitch
Mesin Jahit Coverstitch
Mesin Jahit Coverstitch


The Brother CV3440 sews a single cover stitch with electronic control, it is a uniquely designed, dedicated cover stitch only machine with 4 thread, 3 needle and a wide triple cover hem stitch.

Its innovative design is based on marriage of an industrial style cover hem machine and a convenient home sewing machine. The resulting union has produced a high speed, long arm, heavy duty cover hem machine, that looks and operate like a sewing machine.

The Brother CV3440 cover stitch  has been designed around  a sewing machine rather than an overlock. This means its operation and threading is more like a sewng machine with all the dial conveniently located and not as complex to thread as a overlock. It has a much large arm space than competitor cover stitch models and it has a freearm/ sleeve arm facility that is unique to this type of machine.



The Brother CV3550 cover stitch machines offer the finest coverstitch functionality for a high quality, sophisticated finish. Not only does this machine cover stitch it does it double sided top and bottom but also chain stitches as well ideal for hemming or and topstitching. Its top ofthe line when it comes to customers wanting a truly professional finish to sewing projects. It does not overlock, it is dedicated product designed to sew a professional coverstitch.

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