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Product SKU HEAVY DUTY 4432
Brand Singer
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  • Fully automatic 1-step buttonhole
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Three Needle Positions dimension of ease to heavy duty sewing.
  • 32 built-in stitches


For a mid-range model, this is a super fast speed (1,100 stitches per minute). Most others in this range do 500-600 stitches per minutes in both mechanical and computerized home sewing machine.

In some cases, the speed is faster than units built for professionals. So, you can match it with the best of them and leave time for all those other tasks you need to finish. Singer 4432 comes with 32 stitches. More than enough if you're a beginner or a regular sewist.

*6 Basic Stitches

*6 Stretch Stitches

*10 Decorative Stitches

*1 Step Auto Buttonhole

Fast Reference for Singer 4432

A foot control pedal.

 Allows you to regulate your speed.

Automatic reverse. 

So you can reinforce your stitches.

Snap-on presser feet. 

A simple on-off release to change the presser foot in an instant.

Onboard storage. 

Handy access to accessories stored in the removable sewing bed.

Free arm.

 Means you can access pant hems, cuffs, collars, and other hard-to-reach areas. Without difficulty.

Extra-high presser foot lifter.

 Allows greater clearance under the presser foot when you‰۪re sewing a few layers of bulky fabric.

Adjustable presser foot pressure control. 

So you can change the pressure to match the fabric, from lightweight to heavy.

Three needle positions. 

To suit your specialty stitching like zippers, topstitching or cording.

Adjustable stitch length. 

Use a simple dial to change the stitch length.

LED light on Singer 4432

The inbuilt LED provides all the light you need for detailed work. You don't need to turn on the room light if you don't want to.


An automatic needle threader for Singer 4432

Easy thread the eye of the needle without eyestrain or frustration.

Top drop-in bobbin

Easy to drop-in and replace for the bobbin with a transparent top cover for clear view. Know when your thread is running low.



Easy to Handle the different fabrics for Singer 4432

Singer 4432 is suitable for many types of the materials like denim, upholstery vinyl, canvas, corduroy, and soft leather you're likely to be sewing at home and jobs like sewing patches on jackets or vests and Bags.

It's not just thicker materials. You'll produce quality stitches with thin and delicate fabrics. Those fabrics like rayon, silk satin, and stretchy Lycra.

It's all about the thickness of the needles. But make sure you choose the needle that suits the thickness of the material.


Thread tension adjustable for Singer 4432

Yes, you can adjust the thread tension to get the best stitch quality for your fabric. This means you‰۪re in full control of the upper thread tension.

You don‰۪t need to worry about adjusting the lower thread tension as that is set correctly at the factory.

The ability to change the length or width of a stitch is crucial. Right? You need a longer stitch for thicker materials. And shorter stitches as the fabric gets lighter and thinner.

That's what you get with the 4423. It's a simple turn of the dial. Turn the Stitch Width Dial from zero through 6 settings to the largest width of 6mm. The Stitch Length Dial starts at 0.5 and has 4 settings up to the width of 4mm.

The adjustments on both dials give you the freedom to be creative. Adjusting the length creates different effects. And that change alters how the inbuilt stitches look. When you zigzag, the closer you set the length to zero the denser the stitches get. And your width gets wider as you move the dial toward 6.


Portable and easy to carry around for Singer 4432

Do you ever change where you sew in the house? You have nothing to worry about.

You would think that made of metal and marketed as heavy-duty you'd be lugging around a deadweight. But not so. At 14.5 pounds it is easy to carry. Carrying it short distances around your home is a breeze. The plastic cover that comes with the unit keeps the dust off when not in use.

The internal metal skeleton is better at handling rough treatment than those made of plastic. Less wear and tear means the 4432 lasts longer and spends less time in the repair shop. It'll always be available to use when you need it.


Designed for Heavy Duty Type for Singer 4432

It is marketed as a heavy duty model.

The metal structures support this marketing claim. The internal frame is metal and not plastic. The bed plate is of stainless-steel. The mechanisms operate in perfect alignment because of the rigid supports.

The heavier metal components keep the machine stable on your table with less vibration. It'll stay in the one spot as you sew. And won't skip on sturdy fabrics. The stainless-steel bed plate is smooth. It makes for a trouble-free feeding of the material to match the fast speed.

Singer claims the motor is 60% stronger than standard machines. So, sewing of heavier weighted fabrics is easier.

The Singer 4432 is the best value model at suitable range machine. It produces many different stitches for the beginner or experienced sewists. It is easy to use and saves time on all sorts of fabric, thin and heavy duty.

Singer 4432 heavy duty extra-high sewing speed sewing machine doesn't have all the stitches of a top of the range model or the automatic features of a computerized machine. But you'll stand proudly with the sewing results you get.


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