Mesin Jahit Tepi Brother 1334D
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Product SKU Mesin Jahit Tepi 1334D
Size (L x W x H) 40 cm x 34 cm x 34 cm
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2 Years Warranty Program


Brother 1334D Overlocker Serger and Roll Hemming Sewing Machine in Selangor Malaysia

Mesin Jahit Tepi Brother 1334D untuk jahitan tepi halus dan jahitan tepi biasa di Selangor Malaysia


Mesin Jahit Tepi Brother 1334D ini ialah Mesin jahit tepi portable electric terbaik di pasaran untuk anda. Mudah digunakan dan harga berpatutan dengan kualiti jahitan yang kemas dan cantik untuk jahitan tepi biasa dan jahitan tepi halus. Paten-paten jahit tepi yang boleh di lakukan oleh mesin jahit tepi ini ialah seperti berikut. 


This is an overlocker or serger machine for making overlock and roll hem sewing. This is prevent the side or end of fabric from fraying etc. Brother 1334D overlock/serger machine is one of the best portable electric serger or overlock machine in the market.  The types of sewing that can be done includes as below


  1. 4 thread overlock
  2. 3 thread overlock 5 mm
  3. 3 thread overlock 2.8 mm
  4. Rolled hem (jahit tepi halus)
  5. Blind hemming
  6. Pin tucks
  7. Flat Lock
  8. Narrow hemming (jahit tepi halus)

Paten mesin jahit 3034D


For Brother 1334D Overlock Serger Tutorials, click link below

Untuk tutorial menggunakan mesin jahit tepi Brother 1334D boleh lawati blog kami di link berikut




2 Years Warranty Program

UPGRADE to 1 year Extended Warranty from Kraf Ezee Enterprise at only RM53.00 (inclusive of GST) for the sewing machine. Your sewing machine will now be covered under warranty similar to Manufacturer's warranty for another EXTRA 1 YEAR, making total warranty period of 2 years!!! Choose from the option above to get the additional warranty period. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information


IMPORTANT NOTES: For second year warranty, the warranty claim MUST be done at Kraf Ezee Enterprise outlets in Bangi or Kelang only. First year warranty claim can be done at any authorized Brother Service Centers in Malaysia or at Kraf Ezee Enterprise outlets in Bangi or Kelang




  • 3 or 4 thread, cut and sew overlock stitches (3 atau 4 benang, boleh potong atau tidak potong kain) 
  • Free arm/ Flat bed convertible sewing surface (boleh di gunakan untuk menjahit free arm atau lengan baju dengan mudah)
  • Easy to follow lay-in threading (cara pasang benang yang mudah, disertakan dengan gambar laluan benang)
  • Versatile stitch options allow you to choose from 4 thread overlock, 3 thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem and flatlock stitches (boleh membuat jahitan tepi biasa, jahitan tepi halus, jahitan tepi cantum dan jahitan tepi kedut)
  • F.A.S.T. lower looper threading system (cara pasang benang bawah yg mudah)
  • Differential fabric feed for better stitch quality (Kawalan kelajuan mesin untuk mengawal dan menukar jenis jahitan)
  • Quick release stitch fi nger for instant rolled hemming (Stich finger yang mudah di cabut untuk jahitan tepi halus)
  • Uses standard sewing machine needle (Menggunakan jarum jahit mesin portable yang biasa)
  • Side lever adjustment for stitch width (Tombol untuk mengawal lebar jahitan)
  • Dial adjustment for stitch length (Tombol untuk mengawal jarak jahitan)
  • Included instructinal video DVD makes overlocking fast, easy and fun (Disertakan dengan DVD untuk cara penggunaan)