GEMSY 335a Cyclinder Bed Walking Foot Sewing Machine
RM4,000.00 RM4,240.00
GEMSY 335a Cyclinder Bed Walking Foot Sewing Machine
Price RM4,000.00 RM4,240.00
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Mesin Jahit Industri Walking Foot Cylinder Bed sesuai untuk menjahit kulit tebal, kanvas dan lain-lain tough material. DIsebabkan ianya mesin jahit cylinder bed, sesuai digunakan untuk menjahit benda melengkung seperti Songkok dan menjahit kasut.



GEMSY 335A is cylinder bed heavy duty walking foot lockstitch sewing machine. The sewing machine is designed to sew hard material such as stiff leather. It can be used for production of luggage bag, shoes, songkok and many other tough material based products.

Main features for the machine is:


  1. Sliding lever thread take-up,
  2. Vertical rotating hook
  3. Cog band for driving arm shaft and hook shaft
  4. Compound feed by presser foot
  5. Feed dog and needle
  6. Lever type stitch regulator.
  7. High presser foot lift, longer stitch length and cylinder bed
  8. Stitch Length = 3 - 8 mm
  9. Max Speed = 1200 rpm
  10. Presser Foot Lift = 5 mm
  11. Maximum Sewing Thickess about 5 mm
  12. Needle DY X3


All sewing machine comes with 1 year warranty. We assemble and deliver the machine ourselves. And we can also provide serving for sewing machine ourselves with our own expert technician team.