Difference Between Portable Sewing Machine or Industrial Sewing Machine

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One of the frequent questions we get is how to select between a portable sewing machine or industrial sewing machine. In this posting, we will list out the difference between portable sewing machine and industrial sewing machine and hopefully, you will get to choose the right sewing machine for you



Portable sewing machine in general is used at home for personal sewing, hobby crafting and repair works. This does not mean the portable electric sewing machine cannot be used for tailoring. It can still be used but in much smaller scale. Portable sewing machine in general is more suitable for beginners who is learning how to sew using sewing machine. 


Advantages of portable sewing machines

  1. Portable sewing machine comes with a variety of sewing patterns. For Brother sewing machines, the simplest model has 14 sewing stitches including buttonholes. The sewing patterns can be as much as hundreds different patterns depending on the models
  2. In general, price for entry level portable sewing machine is cheaper than industrial machine unless if you are comparing computerized version which can be as expensive as industri machines
  3. Its light weight and easy to be moved around. And it does not occupy many space
  4. No need to change any oil.


Disadvantages of portable electric sewing machines

  1. The sewing speed is much slower than industrial sewing machine. Typicall portable sewing machine speed is about 700-1100 spm while industrial machine can me of 3000 spm minimum in speed
  2. Can be used continuously for 3-4 hours only or risk of motor burning. The machine must be rested for 15-20 minuts after continuous usage before it can be used again


Example of a portable sewing machine is as below


In general we do not reccomend buying portable sewing machines priced below RM400.00. Why is this? This is simply because of the following reasons

  1. The materials and construction is not strong. Bobbin housing is generally made of plastics and color chromed to silver. Motor used is sometimes the motor used in toys and yes it does not last long
  2. Spare parts are not available. Its just simply not available. If there is any parts that needs to be changed, you wont be able to change it. Most likely your machine will end up in garbage bins!

We have had many conversations with customers buying cheap sewing machines and end up regreting their decisions.


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Now lets jump into industrial sewing machines. Industrial sewing machines are used for tailoring or sewing in bulk. Its not suitable to be used as home use.


Advantages of industrial sewing machines are

  1. Sewing speed is very fast! Mininum speed is around 3000 spm. This will help you finish your order quicker
  2. Can be used for many hours without risk of the motor burning out
  3. Comes with wide table for sewing


Disadvantages of industrial sewing machines are

  1. Very heavy and require large space for storing the machine
  2. In general, price wise is more expensive
  3. You will need to do some oil changing maintenance
  4. Normally is limited to specific one type of sewing stitch pattern only. For example, lockstitch is just simple straight lockstitch. There is no other type of stitching. Its simply meant for business!


Example of industrial sewing machine is as below

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There are views amongst some user that portable sewing machine is easily broken and requires more maintenance. Well if you buy the less than RM400 sewing machine, yes you are heading in that direction. BUT if you buy a good quality sewing machine such as Brother brand, it will last you a long long long time. We have customers using Brother sewing machine for 20 years and recenly bought a new one since the part is not available anymore. 20 long years!


So the view that sewing machine portable is easily broken is just a myth. If you take a good care of the machine, it will last a long time. Likewise if you do not take a good care of your industrial sewing machine, it won't last you long. Just like cars, even if you buy super expensive mercedes car, and then forget to take care of it good enough.. what do you think will happen?


As a rule of thumb, if you are looking to tailor more than 3 pairs of baju kurung in a day, you need to get an industrial sewing machine. Otherwise you will be behind your orders. But if you are looking to just sew your child torns clothing, and sew 1-2 pairs of baju kurung per day.. portable sewing machine is still a great choice for beginners.


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