Set 15 Sewing Machine Foot
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15 Sewing Machine Footer Set for sewing projects. The sewing foots are suitable for Brother, Juki, Singer, Janome and many other sewing machines

Set 15 jenis tapak mesin jahit portable yang sesuai dengan mesin jahit jenis Singer, Brother, Juki, Janome dan lain-lain.


Sewing Machine Footer Kuantiti Nota / Specification Harga Berasingan (RM)

1/4" Piecing / Quilting Foot

quarter inch quilting guide


This sewing foot is perfect to make 1/4" seam width for quilting

(Tapak mesin jahit quilting ini digunakan untuk membuat jahitan lebar 1/4")


Straight Stitch Foot

straight stitch foot


This foot is great fot lightweight fabrics that easily wrinkles during sewing.

(Tapak jahit ini sesuai untuk kain nipis atau kain yang senang berkedut ketika menjahit)


Plastic Open Toe Foot

plastic open toe foot sewing presser foot tapak quilting

1 This foot is used with any application where visibility of seams, appliqués, or pattern markings are desired for ease in embellishment as the foot is clear plastic 28.00

Non Stick Teflon Foot

teflon foot tapak jahit kain lycra murah di bangi selangor KL malaysia


The Teflon Foot is the cure for sewing difficult like Suede, Leather, Vinyl, or even laminated fabrics. If you are ever having trouble feeding fabric smoothly, try the Teflon Foot

(Teflon foot sangat sesuai untuk kain yang susah dijahit seperti Lycra, Kulit dan lain-lain)


3 Hole Cording Foot

cording foot pembekal tapak mesin jahit murah di bangis Selangor KL Malaysia


This sewing foot is used to attach decorative yarns, cording or elastic threads to fabrics up to 3 threads

(Tapak ini digunakan untuk mencantumkan tali, getah untuk perhiasan ke kain)


Overlock Foot

Overlock foot tapak jahit tepi mesin jahit brother selangor KL Malaysia


The overcast or overlock foot is used to make finished edges similar to serger / overlock machine

(Tapak jahit tepi ini boleh digunakan untuk membuat jahitan tepi)


Satin Stitch Foot

kedai mesin jahit jual tapak mesin jahit murah di bangi selangor KL malaysia


For perfect, pucker-free satin stitches, you need a Satin Stitch Foot! This foot is designed to evenly feed fabric and distribute stitches


Concealed Zipper Foot

tapak zip sorok, concealed zipper foot supplier in malaysia


This foot is used to attach invisible zippers to garment

(Tapak Zip Sorok untuk jahit zip sorok)


Roller Foot

roller foot sewing presser malaysia


Sew leather, vinyl, suede, velvet, and even chiffon with the Roller Foot! With this foot, sewing sticky and textured fabrics is as easy as sewing cotton!


Blind Stitch Foot

tapak sembat blind stitch foot bangi selangor KL malaysia


This foot is used to make invisible hem

(Tapak untuk jahitan sembat)


Gathering Foot

Gathering foot tapak kedut


This foot is used to gather fabrics and make gathering effects

(Tapak jahitan kedut atau ropol)


Hemming Foot (Narrow)

tapak kelim narrow hemmer presser foot kl malaysia selangor


The groove under the foot is slightly wider and flatter than Picot Foot and is designed to create a flat narrow hem on lightweight fabrics.Use with straight stitch pattern.

(Tapak Kelim untuk membuat kelim di pakaian)


Walking Foot with Guide

WALKING FOOT sewing machine home portable


walking foot is a great sewing machine attachment to use when you are using fabrics that are prone to slipping or puckering. This foot is also useful when you are sewing thick projects, such as quilts, where your sewing machine needs to sew through a couple of layers of fabric and wadding/batting

(Tapak Walking ini sesuai digunakan untuk menjahit beberapa lapisan kain untuk mengelakkan kain tergelincir. Kebiasaanya digunakan untuk quilting)


Button Foot

tapak jahit butang brother sewing machine


The button sewing foot is used to sew buttons on clothings

(Tapak jahit butang ini digunakan untuk menjahit butang)


Zipper Foot (Standard)

tapak zip normal zipper foot standard for sewing machine malaysia selangor KL


The zipper foot is used to sew normal zippers to clothing. It can be used for both sides of the zippers

(Tapak zip biasa ini digunakan untuk menjahit zip biasa di pakaian. Boleh digunakan untuk kedua dua belah  zip)