Brother INNOV-IS V3 Embroidery Machine + 5000 Paten Sulam + Basic Embroidery Software
RM8,999.00 RM9,999.00
Brother INNOV-IS V3 Embroidery Machine + 5000 Paten Sulam + Basic Embroidery Software
Price RM8,999.00 RM9,999.00
Product SKU Brother INNOV-IS V3
Brand Brother
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2 Years Warranty Program
Upgrade to Creative Drawing

Overview Mesin Sulam Brother Innovis V3

  1. Mesin Sulam Brother  Innov-is V3 adalah mesin khas untuk sulaman yang paling popular untuk penggunaan di rumah. Ciri-ciri mesin sulam ini ialah:
    • Membuat sulaman berkomputer. Contoh sulaman yang boleh dilakukan ialah logo, nama, kerawang dan lain-lain jenis sulaman. Anda boleh menggunakan mesin ini untuk menyulam t-shirt, tuala, reben, baju dan lain-lain jenis sulaman. Kelajuannya menyulamnya agak tinggi iaitu 1000 spm dan kawasan sulaman yang besar iaitu 18 x 30 cm membolehkan kerja anda dilakukan dengan cepat.
    • Jika anda ingin membuat sulaman kerawang seperti di Baju Kebaya, mesin sulam V3 adalah amat sesuai kerana ialah mempunyai panjang hoop 30 cm dan boleh di lengkapi dengan "Border Frame" untuk membuat penyambungan kerawang dengan mudah. "Border Frame" dijual berasingan.
  2. Pelanggan online pula boleh menghubungi kami di talian 0102219727 atau 0129289727. Penghantaran pos boleh dilakukan ke seluruh Negara.


BROTHER INNOV-IS V2 Embroidery Machine Overview 

  1. Brother Innov-is V3 embroidery machine is considered to be one of the best mid range embroidery machine. It has the following general abilities:
    1. Can be used to embroidery beautiful logos, Biku kerawang, names and many other types of embroidery. The machine can be used to embroider on towel, shirts, ribbons, pants and many other types of fabrics. Together with the embroidery software in the package, you can design your own embroidery designs. The machine has considerable high speed at 1000 spm and large embroidery area of 18 x 30 cm.
    2. If you are keen in doing BIKU Kerawang for "Baju Kebaya" or tudung, this machine is the best mid range embroidery machine for that since it has long frame of 30 cm. It can also be equipped with a Border Frame for easy kerawang connection. Border Frame is sold separately.
  2. Online customers who wish to do this must contact 0102219727 or 0129289727 for assistance.



All sewing machines come with 1 year warranty from the Manufacturer


Visit our showroom for demonstration and puchase. We accept credit card and cash or bank in transfer at the shop and also for online purchase. We are located in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia. We are near to Kajang, Putrajaya, Serdang, Cheras and Kuala Lumpur KL. We also have a branch in GM Klang Bandar Botanic near Shah Alam





Upgrade options are applicable for purchase together with the package ONLY. The Normal Price indicate normal price if bought separately while the upgrade price indice the price when bought together with the package. Upgrades can be chosen from the option above to add to the shopping card.


CREATIVE DRAWING 8.0. This is the most advance embroidery software in which you can make nice logo (even small ones). You can view the properties here



Amongt advance properties of Creative Drawings 8.0 are:

  • Auto tracing ability. Create original embroidery designs within seconds from vector or bitmap images (Load .cmx, .eps, .emf, .svg, .AI, .bmp, .dib, .rle, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .gif, .wmf, .tif, .tiff, .png, .ico).
  • Edit existing embroidery designs*.
  • Add text using TrueType® fonts on your computer.  Adjust each letter or the group of letters with path placement
  • Modify stitch types – change from satin to fillor fill to satin plus try the piping, appliqué, net, or cross stitch options.  Let Creative DRAWings® automatically generate the proper stitches
  • Set Stitch direction for any area in your design – improve your design texture.
  • Easily add an outline to any object.
  • Automatic Parameter adjustment for the type of fabric you choose to stitch on.
  • MANY other advance properties.
4,299.00 3,500.00
2 Brother Innov-is V3 1 year additional warranty. Total of 2 year warranty. The second year warranty is under Kraf Ezee Enterprise thus all claims in the second year must be done at Kraf Ezee Enterprise premises. The first year waranty is covered by Brother International (M) Sdn Bhd.






Embroidery Features

Embroidery Speed (Max)


Embroidery Area (Max)

 180 x 300mm

Build-in Embroidery Design


Built-in Fonts


On Screen Editing



 Yes (1 Host, 1 Slave)

Jump Stitch & Wiper Function


Needle number for Embroidery





 Embroidery Only Machine

Bobbin Type


Needle Threader

 Yes (Full Auto)

Thread Cutter


Sewing Light


Start Stop Button


Thread Tension Control


Quick-set bobbin


F.A.S.T Bobbin Winding System


Touch Panel LCD


LCD Display Screen


Software upgrade



 Soft cover




12 months Carry-in Warranty


Below is ourshowroom unit running a digitized picture

Mesin Sulam Brother V3 Embroidery Machine Bangi Selangor KL Malaysia